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Dual Living – Dual Occupancy Home Designers & Builders in Melbourne

Dual Living is an Australian firm that helps in planning, designing and constructing sophisticated dual living spaces for their clients. Developing fantastic designs in Melbourne, they have been involved in numerous dual occupancy projects, which have earned the firm rave reviews. Suaveness and simplicity is a recurring motif in their designs.

Builders of multi-dwellings in Melbourne

The real estate market in Melbourne has seen a boom. Newer commercial and residential concepts are coming up which has given the architects and dwellers a spin. The newer concepts have given rise to town house builders and multi-dwellers, which save land and also provide better living spaces.

Dual Living House Plans

Dual Living is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that offers a number of services to do with property development. They assist and guide people on how to invest and begin a journey from planning to build a house. Building a house and getting it planned is not an easy task, but we make sure that they can help people with the design and construction along with several other tips that might be beneficial for them.

A Melbourne home builder will offer solutions for your new home, apartment, town house and so much more. Their team offers a network of professionals that consist of designers, builder, town planners, demolishers, real estate agents and many more. They have everything you need to get started on your new project.

Dual Occupancy Home Designs

Be a part of the most current trend in property development with dual living house plans

In the world of real estate and development, exactly what is dual occupancy? As the name suggests, these homes are two houses built on the same piece of land that can be subdivided into two plots of land. It refers to constructing a second building or house on the same plot of land as a previously existing one, or knocking down the building and constructing two structures where the first one used to be. These structures can be freestanding or joined to each other. This method of construction is a common way to make a profit while investing in and constructing a new house at the same time.

How to begin your dual occupancy project

It’s a known fact that property is a good investment. But once people get their hands on a piece of property, they have no idea what to do with it. It is here that we can help you. We are an Australian company with a wealth of experience in development and the property market. Based out of Melbourne, we have twenty years of experience in town planning, building townhouses, new apartments and homes, and their speciality, Melbourne dual occupancy projects. Our vast team of experts, including town planners, designers, builders, real estate agents, demolishers, surveyors, building consultants, and engineers ensure that their customers get their money’s worth and are fully satisfied. We offer a number of standard designs that saves time for their clients and helps avoid a lot of trouble. These designs, though created in advance, can always be altered depending on the wishes of the client, or on the size of the property in question. To top it all off, Dual Living also offers their clients a free assessment of their land.

A dual occupancy house plan requires a lot of work. Selecting the site and drawing up a plan is only the first step. These plans require a town planning permit. That’s why dual occupancy builders and companies are so important. They analyse the land and assess the owner’s options, i.e. what kinds of structures can be built on the land, and they act as liaisons between the clients and various local councils and town planners. They help speed up the application for the town planning permit, and ultimately they do all the construction work. Thus, they are involved in every step of the process. Their involvement ensures the smooth working of the construction project.

Profits galore

But what exactly is the big deal about dual living house plans? There must be a good reason for it being a popular investment nowadays. And there is; dual occupancy projects are a great investment for first time homeowners. The most obvious advantage is that you, as the owner, can live in one part of the building while renting out the other. Alternatively, you can maximise your income by renting out both sides while living somewhere else. Such a project means you can increase the capital value of your property, subsidize on your own living expenditures, and make a profit from renting out part of the building. In high demand areas, a dual occupancy home will seem more affordable, and thus, more appealing to potential buyers. It makes sense simply as a good investment deal between two or more partners. If you plan to invest in property, why not invest in a dual occupancy, where you are assured higher profits?

The benefits of these house plans don’t stop there. Tax deductions are greater on these homes, and investing in them is low at risk as you have double the income sources. Banks are also becoming interested in providing loans for this kind of construction. All these financial terms might make it seem complicated, but it isn’t, really. Suppose you have two tenants in a dual living structure (as opposed to just one in a regular building). This means that the potential income is doubled. Even if one of the renters decides to leave, there is still one source of income to fall back on. Even when selling, there is a profit to be made; after the subdivision is finalised, the original home is generally sold (free of capital gains tax) for the value of the entire property, while the second home generates the profit. Therefore, because of these reasons – tax benefits, low risk, assured source of income, subsidy on living expenditures – having dual occupancy home designs is fiscally responsible and financially rewarding.

One step at a time

The benefits of building dual occupancy structures are definitely clear. But before you get to the stage where profits can be reaped, first a lot of hard work has to be done. There are multiple procedures to follow and steps to complete before the dual occupancy design can be finished:

  • The first step is to get financial pre-approval before the site for building is even chosen. Don’t jump ahead to designing and construction without knowing securely that you have financial backing for the project.


  • It is of vital importance to check all the council laws regarding this type of construction. Remember, a town planning permit is needed, so make sure you are up to date on the local environment plan, the development control plan, and if the development site is zoned for dual occupancies. There’s a lot of research involved in this stage of the procedure.


  • Make sure that development site meets the all the requirements and criteria. The land should be big enough for all the construction, and there should be electric, gas, and sewage services available to the site.


  • Get the land assessed by an experienced building company to know where you stand regarding land development. Many companies, like Dual Living, provide a free land assessment as one of their services when you hire them.


  • Before construction can be started, confirm that your development application (DA) and construction certificate (CC) have been approved. Once construction is finally completed, the last steps are to get an occupation certificate so you can rent places out, and a subdivision certificate.


However, despite all these advantages, some people still prefer to construct the standard duplex in place of dual occupancy projects. Taking a large loan from a bank for subdividing the land is not always the best idea if you can afford to build a duplex.

So many people see no point in taking a loan in anticipation of future profits. It seems like too big a risk to take in the expectation that it will all be earned back at some point in the future. But investing in anything is always a risk. It just makes sense to make an investment in something like dual occupancies where future profits are practically guaranteed.

In places like Australia, and particularly in Melbourne, there are areas where the value of the land is far greater than the value of any dwelling that is built on it. In cases like this, dual occupancy projects help investors in getting their capital back by maximising their profits. Taking the time to understand the requirements, risks, and benefits of undertaking such a task will prepare anyone to take their first step towards such ventures in the future.

Multi Dwelling in Melbourne

Multi-dwellings are a unit that consists of several housing units together for residential purposes. They are like housing societies or colonies that accommodate separate housing units for families or people to live in. They are apartment buildings but include more than just one. They are usually equal in shape and size.

Similar to townhouses, a lot of people also opt for multi-dwellings in Melbourne. The multi-dwelling builders in Melbourne help those who wish to design and create a unit of the apartment for selling, renting or whichever purpose they wish to. The professionals of Dual Living provide designers, builders, real estate agents and all other components that a person might require to construct or plan such a project. It is a huge investment and requires proper planning in order to make sure everything goes right. These multi-dwelling builders in Melbourne are there to ensure that the entire process works out smoothly and exactly according to your needs.

A Melbourne townhouse builder or multi-dwelling builder of Dual Living is not just there to provide you with its services but they go a step forward, and they take it upon themselves to make sure that you are satisfied with what you have received as a customer of theirs. A townhouse builder in Melbourne or multi dwelling builders in Melbourne are becoming quite popular and wanted by people.

For living or business purposes, the need for a good builder who can fulfil your demands is very important. Trust the team of Dual Living who come with a valuable experience of two decades. They are the specialists that you need to provide you with correct information that can only benefit you. The best part about them is they are not only just a team of builders who will help you in constructing and designing your building but they also have a group of interior designers who can guide and advice you on the kind of interiors that would make your house a perfect home.

Dual Occupancy Homes in Melbourne, perfect place to invest

One needs to have an idea about the availability and construction of dual homes in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Investing in real estate is a fair deal considering the market in Melbourne, but it is very difficult to choose an agent especially when you don’t have any prior experience of investing. Dual properties have recently created hype in the real estate market as many people are considering investing in them.

So why are people so interested in dual occupancy builders in Melbourne? Generally, families of Australia do not demand apartments, and they only look for houses where they can get some space for a yard where their children can play, and they can plant their favourite flowers.

Benefits of Dual Living in Melbourne

With the increasing cost of living in Australia, people are not able to afford their own homes and it has been stated that many families in Australia won’t be able to buy their own house in the next 50 years or so. The concept of Dual living has allowed them to have a roof over their head. So you can choose from living in a home by giving rent or can buy a house in partnership with any other family close to you. It will not only save your money but will also allow you to have your own home. Because of this benefit, many wealthy investors are looking to create more and more dual occupancy designs in Melbourne, it will help them get even more wealthier and will also help the people looking for a place to live at reasonable rents. Many people have also turned their single big house to dual occupancy house so that they can get rent from one; it is a very safe way to get some money.

Things you can do if you own or buy a dual occupancy home in Melbourne

With a dual occupancy design in Melbourne, you can do the following things:-

  • You can sell one of the homes to a family and live in the other one. A great way to earn money in bulk.
  • If you are wealthy enough, you can buy a dual living house in Melbourne and sell it to two different families. Double profit!
  • If you have invested in a dual home, you can always use them to get rent from two different families. Another safe way of earning money every month.
  • If you are living in a dual house, you can rent one part to any other family. Also, if you own a big house, you can always make it a dual home and live in one and rent the other one to earn extra cash every month.


Dual Living has been in the property and real estate market for more than 20 years, they have the right experience to give the perfect advice about new home design and construction of dual homes in Melbourne. They have a big network of designers, builders, town planners, real estate agents and engineers who will help you to get the home of your dreams in the wonderful city of Melbourne.