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When choosing an urbanised location to live in, it is best to settle for a duplex design of a house, especially if a family is in the picture, and budget is a constraint. A duplex features two units of dwelling each with its own separate amenities. The structure of the house is two-storey with an interior inter-connected stairway to connect the upper and lower units. The units can also be constructed side by side. This might be more expensive though as the house would require larger construction area.

Melbourne Duplex builders possess expertise in crafting these houses to suit their client’s requirements. Before attempting to create customised designs, clients are shown various default blue prints that are engineered by the company architects. The blue prints of the Duplex Home Designs in Melbourne also make provisions for sophisticated landscaping.

Duplex Designs in Melbourne (Crafted for comfort)

Melbourne Duplex Designers provide clear cut plans to potential clients on the basis of their requirements. One should know exactly what to look for when studying the blue print of the building.

Duplex Construction

Here are some basic things that need to be looked into when designing a duplex.

Basic Floor Plan (Both Units)

Car Portico and Porch

Duplex designers usually begin by planning the size of the porch. Now this is important as it is the basis of the ground floor. The front porch is generally a small veranda that will have minimum interior designing compared to the rest of the house. The top unit will not consist of a porch or portico. The design will have a foyer instead.

The car portico is another important detail that requires attention. The duplex designers of Melbourne generally customise the design of the portico according to the size and number of the vehicles owned by their clients. It is important to check the dimensions of the portico with the engineer in case it is required to house some other amenities as well.


This is the entrance to the living room. Clients sometimes opt out of this if they choose to invest in a well designed front porch. In the case of opting for a foyer don’t waste too much space on it. Keep it minimalistic both in space and design.

The Living Room

This is meant to be the piece-de-resistance of the entire house. It is wise to ensure a little extra territory for this to accommodate aesthetic paraphernalia. It’s best to splash a little money on the living area as this is where guests are entertained. In case, space is compromised, make sure the hall is rendered comfy and cozy interiors, so as to divert attention away from the lack of space.

The Dining Area

In a duplex, the living room generally opens out into the dining area. Designing the dining area is similar to designing the portico. Consider the size of the dining table and other paraphernalia that the area will be equipped with. The duplex builders in Melbourne generally take space into account for an elaborate bar cabinet that the client may want to install.

The Kitchen

This really depends entirely on what one might need. It is important to make sure the kitchen is equipped well with what is required. Make sure there are provisions to accommodate ovens, dishwashers, and cupboards. Concentrate on allotting space for a sufficient number of cabinets and sinks.

The Bedrooms

This is an important comfort zone for the resident. So it needs to be designed with care. Most of the designers provide optimum customisation features for the bedrooms to ensure maximum comfort. Most duplex have two or three bedrooms. It is important to make sure that the architects provide the same level of comfort within all the rooms with a touch of variety in order to eliminate the monotony. It is important to take time while designing the bedroom. Study various blueprints before zeroing in on one that is best suited for comfort. When it comes to the interior design of the bedroom good designers take into consideration the personality of the resident. For example, for a child, a more juvenile interior will be given to the room.

In case the occupant is a woman, then the room should have a feminine touch to it, like providing space for fancy dressing tables or large wardrobes. If the bedroom area is big, then one might consider some space for a small walk-in wardrobe. This might be a slightly expensive option, but it makes the bedroom more suave and expensive looking.

The Bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom, make sure that it is equipped with all the required amenities. In case the duplex is large, the client will be assigned the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms. The bathrooms should preferably be attached with the bedrooms. While designing the bathrooms, make sure that they have enough space and are easy to maintain. It is wise to cordon off the wet area from the dry one by installing a shower cubicle. This prevents the entire bathroom from getting wet while showering. Always make sure there are provisions to accommodate a large mirror and basin for comfort.

While designing a duplex, it is important to use all of one’s creativity. Since a duplex is a semi-sharing accommodation, it is also important to take into consideration the co-existence of two different set of residents. The two units should be constructed to function in harmony with each other.


Developing a property with two or more homes is a completely different scenario than building one house on one lot. It is difficult to take one standard design and duplicate it for many sites when it comes to dual occupancy or medium density type developments. We embrace this challenge and look at this as an exciting opportunity to develop a solution which is specific to your property rather than a one size fits all approach that the large volume type builders will try to adopt. We therefore custom design a project for your site by combining your requirements and ideas with the feedback from our planners. Our ultimate aim is to provide a tailored custom solution at a competitive price.

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