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A one size fits all approach to dual occupancy and medium density construction is not an adequate solution as each site will have its own individual requirements, issues and attributes. These all need to be taken into account at the initial design stage to ensure all aspects are adhered to. We offer the flexibility to deliver your project with your desired inclusions to make your project individual and what you desire. We have the expertise to provide design elements that you may want that many builders with less experience will not provide such as a basement garage, a traditional wood fired open fire place, swimming pool, internal lift, split levels, excessive site fall, traditional timber floorboards and balconies. We can do this due to many years of experience building custom homes and developments. This experience cannot be obtained without having many years’ experience and also having professional tradespeople who are fully trained in older building methods and materials as well as the most up to date construction methods. We prefer to say YES rather than NO.

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Our experienced designers can provide a custom design solution to maximise the benefits of your site.

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LiasingWe are there to guide you through the process and keep you updated with the progress of your project.

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